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Duratec 2.0 Base Engine

Technical Description

Ford 2000cc Duratec Base Engine
Engine Model                           DHE 420
Displacement:                           1999 cc
Bore:                                        87.5 mm
Stroke:                                     83.1 mm
Compression ratio:                    10.8: 1
Firing order:                              1-3-4-2
Max. continuous speed:               6450 rpm
Max. intermittent speed:             6675 rpm
Idle speed:                                700 ± 25 rpm
Maximum BMEP:                        11.9 bar
Height (nominal):                       640 mm
Width (nominal):                        650 mm
Length (nominal):                       630 mm
Weight (nominal) with oil            109 kg
The principal features of these engines are:
Aluminium alloy cylinder block with cast-in cylinder liners
Structural aluminium stiffening frame carrying crankshaft bottom bearing shells
Five bearing crankshaft with fillet rolled main and crankpin journals.
Aluminium alloy ‘cross-flow’ cylinder head.
Four-layer steel laminate cylinder head gasket.
Sintered material valve seat inserts and valve guides.
Five bearings for each camshaft.
Valve gear with maintenance-free mechanical ‘bucket’ tappets.
Asymmetrically inclined valve angles (inlet 19° & exhaust 10° from the vertical).
Lightweight high silicon aluminium pistons
Piston cooling by means of nozzles in the crankshaft bearings.
Camshaft drive pinned link chain - maintenance-free operation
Aluminium alloy timing chain cover with integral crankshaft oil seal.
Automatic hydraulic tensioner on camshaft drive chain.
Oil pump driven by separate chain with automatic tensioner.
Sinter-forged’ connecting rods with fracture-split big ends.
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PRICE £1995.00 (excluding VAT)

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2000 Duratec Base Engine



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